About Us

Canadian Advocates for Raising Scientific Youth is dedicated to the educational focus of science and technology in today’s youth. We feel that preparing today’s children to be tomorrow’s leaders begins with that basic instruction in science, its importance in today’s society and the role it has to play on the future of our planet.

Our mission to raise scientific youth across Canada is a boldly understated one. By culturing a solid foundation in science and technology, we are able to become the catalyst for a change in the way our children look at the world around them and see what could be if they put their mind to it.

Our site was built on the very core foundations that we are trying to harbor in our youth. By showing them the possibilities for a better world through science and technology, Canada’s youth will not only excel in these subjects, but also succeed where others do not.

We offer a variety of articles revealing interesting scientific facts, news and a solid curriculum based lesson plan designed to provide interest and build enthusiasm in your child. When you need a website that offers education, empowerment and even a little entertainment along the way; Canadian Advocates for Raising Scientific Youth is just a few clicks away.

Thank you for stopping by. If you have any suggestions or comments about our website, send us an email and let us know; we appreciate it.