Cooking the Easy Way

Published May 11, 2016

Cooking the Easy Way

There are some very cheap food processors on the market, but we’ve set a minimum quality standard for our top five. Does that mean we’ve only gone for the expensive models? No! We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how affordable many of these gadgets are. Just about every food processor on the market has some kind of pulse function, but what else is available to make your kitchen experience easier? We examine the thoughtful extras that will help you turn out better meals.

The title of the Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor gives its capacity away– yep, 10 cups. This model comes with two blades: a basic, double-sided chopping blade and a reversible disk designed to shred, grate, and chop. The blades, along with the Hamilton Beach’s BPA-free plastic food container, are all safe for the dishwasher. Our research uncovered some concerns regarding durability, with several owners telling us that they experienced appliance failure after a year or so. This occurrence was rare, and it’s difficult to pin the Hamilton Beach’s occasional failure down to a single problem. It may have been a problem with a particular production run, although there’s no way to be sure.

Like many modern kitchen appliances, the Braun provides dishwasher-safe, BPA-free plastic accessories. Bowl capacity, like the Cuisinart, is 9 cups. This unit comes with a wide range of accessories. Among the list: a universal chopping blade and an additional cutting system that offers two slicers, two shredders, a whipping attachment, a dough hook, and even a citrus juicer!

You might have come across pressure cooker reviews online but they have not been informative enough if you are still looking for this appliance. That is why we have made our comparison as simple as possible and picked 5 best pressure cookers for you and compared them by the most important criteria.

This is a huge stovetop pressure cooker that has an enormous capacity of 23 Quarts which makes it the excellent choice if you are going to preserve food and can it. For example, if you like pickled vegetables – this is certainly the best crock pot. No need to say, if you are running some kind of canning business and sell pickled and canned food – Presto pressure cooking pot will be indispensable. However, it is too big for cooking food for a family.

Just like All American 921, this professional pressure cooker is made of genuine aluminum but it is thinner and that is why this appliance is a lot more lightweight – just 10 lbs. The aluminum is durable and ensures even heating and quick cooking. There are 2 plastic handles on both sides so you can carry the pot. The sealing ring is made of rubber the durability of which depends on how often you use this appliance.

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